Privacy Policy

Dissertation Palace has a robust policy for the privacy of its clients. It ensures the security of personal information of its clients through a safe and foolproof system. Please note that the company uses its client’s information only for correspondence and improving its services. We endorse that any personal information of its clients will never be exposed to anybody. However, we recommend our clients to review and understand our ‘privacy policy’ before placing an order:

How We Use Online Information?

We use web-based information of our visitors to track their IP address, browser, access time and operating system. We also make changes in our web pages as per the visitors’ preferences so that they surf without any inconvenience.


We also use cookies of our visitors to identify a web server on our system. This makes it easier for us to track traffic of visitors on our website. Moreover, the cookies allow us to check out the various areas of our website that our users visit. Visitors of our website are fully authorised to enable/disable a cookie anytime if they do not agree to share such information with us. It must be noted that turning off the cookies will prohibit access of the visitors to certain sections of our website.

How We Use Personal Information?

We use personal details of our clients to communicate with them on matters related with the order. We use demographic-related details to improve our service. We store this information in our fail-safe web server until all the disbursements are paid and the order is sent to the client’s email address. We guarantee that the personal information of our clients cannot be exposed to any third party in any circumstances.