Refund Policy

Dissertation Palace advices its clients to read in detail the ‘Refund Policy’ before hiring any of its services. Your right to claim a refund is subject to the following conditions:

If the client feels discontented after 7 revisions of dissertation, the client is then allowed to file a thorough complaint by contacting our Customer Support Service. Afterwards, it is at the discretion of Dissertation Palace to either:

Find a different academic writer for completing the paper if we believe that the task can be accomplished within the decided deadline


Return full or partial payment of the order to the client

Dissertation Palace has the absolute rights to not offer a refund to the clients in cases where a complaint involves minor delay or inconsistencies in the dissertation since such issues are too insignificant to constitute a full refund.

If the credit card of a client is mistakenly billed twice, Dissertation Palace will furnish the mistakenly-charged amount in the minimum time possible.

Contact And Dispute Resolution Policy

If the client is unsatisfied with the final draft, the client must first report it to Dissertation Palace prior to contacting any intermediary.

If both the client and Dissertation Palace do not come to any decision within 14 days, the client is then free to get in touch with any mediator for arbitration.

If the client fails to inform the company before filing a chargeback, it will be deemed as breach of contract and the matter will be handled accordingly.